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Department of Facilities Planning
The University of Mississippi


Below is a listing of all resources on the entire Facilities Planning site along with direct links to the forms.


Renovation/Construction Project Request Form – August 2021
Additional Space Request Form – June 2022
Classroom Assessment Nomination Form – 2021
QEP Supplemental Classroom Renovation Form – 2021-2022
Drawing Request Form (PDF)
Capital Planning Project Initiation Form (PDF)

Design Manual

Instructions to Design Professionals – Fifth Edition 2017

01_Package Checklist – Schematic Design Review

02_Room Numbering Sample Plan

03_Package Checklist – Design Development Review

04_Package Checklist – Contract Documents Review

06_Pre-Bid Meeting Agenda

07_Pre-Construction Meeting Agenda

08_Notice to Proceed Template

09_Monthly Progress Meeting Agenda

10_Certificate of Occupancy

10_Contract Standards – Change Order Basics

12_IT Detail For Classrooms

13_Tree Protection Standards

14_Keying Template Sample

15_Roster of Rooms & Door Numbers

16_Gas Distribution Systems

17_Standard Water Meter

18_Campus Lighting R

18a_Electrical UM Standard – Holophane Post Lamp R

18b_Holophane GranVille II LED R

18c_Holophane Historical Style Posts R

19_Fire Alarm System Record of Completion

20_Inspection and Testing

21_Contractor’s Material and Test Certificate for Fire Sprinkler System

22_Risk Management Procedures

23_ADA Signage


#10000526, Approval to Alter University Buildings
#10000527, Approval of New Projects
#10000528, Approval of Interior Renovations
#10000529, Review of Lease & Easements
#10000530, Design Professional Contracts
#10000818, Adoption of Building Codes, Laws & Regulations

Master Plan

2017 Master Plan
2009 Master Plan 
Executive Summary
Master Plan Architectural Design Guidelines


Key Request Form
Illustrated Instructions for Department Staff