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Department of Facilities Planning
The University of Mississippi

Master Plan

The master plan establishes a vision for a vibrant, attractive campus setting. This vision is rooted in the university’s unique history and traditions as well as its academic and research mission, the goals and aspirations of the campus community, and opportunities for the future. The vision is further informed by these goals set forth for the master plan:

  • Enhance and expand the positive qualities of the campus defined by the historic core
  • Create an environment that supports the culture and traditions of campus
  • Ensure the best use of campus land
  • Create a campus-life experience that reinforces the learning-community concept
  • Provide a framework for future building placement
  • Create a pedestrian-focused campus environment
  • Streamline circulation and parking to reduce vehicular conflicts

Downloads (PDF)

Master Plan – November 2017
Master Plan – December 2009
Executive Summary
Master Plan Architectural Design Guidelines