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Department of Facilities Planning
The University of Mississippi

Selection Considerations

Interior Finishes & Furniture Evaluation Principles

All new interior renovations or modifications must be reviewed by the Department of Facilities Planning. In most circumstances, the Department of Facilities Planning will place the order and oversee the delivery and installation of finishes and furniture on the user’s behalf. The selection of furniture and finish items is evaluated and carefully chosen based on the following principles:

  • Capability to meet building codes and maintain proper egress
  • Ability to meet ADA standards and accessibility to spaces and of components of spaces
  • Determination of appropriate furnishings and finishes that meet applicable fire codes for commercial environments including flame spread rates and smoke production for fabrics, foam and other components
  • Overall safety; products are stable by commercial standards (i.e., ASTM, BIFMA testing, OSHA, etc.)
  • Evaluation of product and materials cost, quality and life cycle
  • Standards for durability of fabrics or surfaces that need to be evaluated for appropriate applications
  • Evaluation of not only material content but also physical sizes and configurations of components
  • Proper ergonomics
  • Warranty coverage; often 10 years or more (including some “lifetime”); assistance with warranty claims if/when those may occur
  • Environmentally friendly; sustainability of product and how it relates to the overall picture for the university’s sustainability efforts; compliance with standards for environmental health issues (i.e., low or no VOC emitting as well as responsible manufacturing and shipping practices)
  • Recycled content (post-consumer and/or pre-consumer) and recyclability
  • Appropriate solutions for the specific application to and in the best interest of the university, not just the quickest, lowest cost solution. Consideration of how adaptable the product or components are for future needs.
  • Responsible stewardship of the university’s resources
  • Assessment of the expected use at the university
  • Consistency of furniture and finishes within individual buildings and across campus
  • Evaluation of current and future dealer delivery, installation and serviceability

This process is governed by university policy #10000528, Approval of Interior Renovations.