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Department of Facilities Planning
The University of Mississippi

Departmental Moves

The Facilities Management Department (FM) moves university departments in two instances:

Forced Moves

When capital projects or other university priorities necessitate a relocation on campus. This service is usually free of charge because the affected department is not initiating the move. Costs associated with the move will be reviewed, and all reasonable charges will be covered by the university.

The Department of Facilities Planning will initiate this process and contact the department with a Work Order number for use on all future notifications.

Elective Moves

When individual staff members are relocated. The requesting department must pay for this service because the move is not driven by a university priority.

Faculty or staff members may request assistance with their move by submitting a notification. Any notification related to moving must be submitted a MINIMUM OF FOUR WEEKS BEFORE THE REQUESTED MOVE DATE.  

Entire Department Move

If an entire department is being moved, related to a university priority, one person must be assigned as the move coordinator. The Department of Facilities Planning and the Facilities Management Department (FM) will work with this individual. The move coordinator will be responsible for communicating information about the move to the department chair/director, as well as the rest of the department.

The following areas need to be addressed in the move coordinator’s initial notification:

  • The notification must include the Work Order number provided by the Department of Facilities Planning.
  • The notification must include the move coordinator’s contact information.
  • Employees are responsible for packing their own offices, including the contents of all desks, bookcases and lateral file cabinets. Please include the number of boxes your department requires in your notification.
    • Please note the number of:
      moving boxes [12″H x 12″W x 18″L] file boxes [12.5”H x 12”W x 24”L]
    • Departments should make arrangements with outside moving contractors to move non-university property, including leased art, equipment, etc.

Other tasks the move coordinator must complete include:

  • Requesting a floor plan of your new space from the Department of Facilities Planning. You will need to print each person’s name on his or her newly assigned space. Make a copy of this floor plan because you will also need to provide a copy to Telecommunications. Hold on to this floor plan, and give it to Trucking at your move coordination meeting.
  • Helping staff understand:
    • Lateral (wide) file cabinets MUST be emptied before moving.
    • Vertical (narrow) file cabinets do not need to be emptied, providing the drawers will not open during the move.
    • Label everything clearly with your last name, new building name, new room number and department.
    • Label your boxes in three places: on top and on two adjoining sides.
    • Employees must personally move personal items including, but not limited to: hanging pictures, pictures, plants and any other items that could be damaged during the move. FM staff is not responsible for damage to non-university property.
    • Leave a note posted on your current office door, noting your name and the number of boxes to be moved. Everything to be moved must be in a box and appear on this note.
    • Please consult the following illustrated guide to prepare for the move. (Illustrated Instructions for Department Staff)
    • Complete a Key Request Form.
    • The movers will move your computers and peripheral devices IF all cords are disconnected & boxed and all pieces of equipment are labeled with your name, new building and new room number.

Please back up all of your files. Some machines do not restart after moving.  

If you have any questions, please contact FM Production Control at or 662-915-7003.

Please contact the following departments/companies to facilitate a smooth moving experience.

  • Ole Miss Telecommunications (x5922) to arrange the move of your telephones and network connections
  • The company that provides your copy machine(s) to arrange for moving