Department of Facilities Planning

The University of Mississippi

Ole Miss Student Union

The campus had 8,000 students when the Union was built in 1976.  Since that time the student population has more than doubled.  So, the main Union building was under pressure simply from a population standpoint.  Also, it has been heavily used for 40 years so it needed to be extensively renovated and expanded.  Our new design adds 60,000 square feet (sf) in the form of a new building on the north side of the original which is 97,600 sf.  The renovated portion will be the home base for student activities.


The new addition is the first phase to open and provides food court dining services. Construction will continue to complete the ballroom, support kitchens, loading dock and transportation hub as well as the renovation of the original building.  Full completion is anticipated in early 2019.


North Parking Garage

The new parking structure in the north area of campus behind Kinard Hall has opened for the fall semester. The seven-level parking garage provides 1,300 additional parking spaces for on-campus residents.


STEM Building

Ole Miss received a $25 million lead gift from the Gertrude C. Ford Foundation for construction of a new Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics Building in the Science District of campus. The building will provide 207,000 sf of space for classrooms and laboratories. Last year, the site was prepared for the massive project by removing the Smith Engineering Science Building, Central Heating Plant and Old Power Plant along All-American Drive.  All existing utilities in the area are also being relocated. Construction is scheduled to start in 2018.  If this schedule is not interrupted, the building can be built in 24 months with an opening date in the Fall Semester, 2020.


Oxford-University Stadium (Swayze Field)

The area behind home plate will be renovated to create a Dugout Club with club seating. A two-story Performance and Operations Center also will be added to provide player facilities. This work will be done in phases and completed by March 2018.


Garland, Hedleston and Mayes Renovation

These buildings, constructed in 1938 as men’s dormitories, are no longer viable as housing options but they are appropriate for academic and administrative use. The buildings are undergoing a full renovation including the replacement of windows, roofs and mechanical, electrical, fire protection and plumbing systems. The School of Applied Sciences is scheduled to occupy the space by August 2018.  A two-story addition will provide classroom space and the north entrance will be updated with an elevator and stair connector. The south courtyards will be updated with more plaza space with an ADA entrance.



Johnson Commons East

Following from its partner to the west, Johnson Commons East is receiving a full renovation. The upper floor will continue to provide banquet and large meeting spaces. The lower floor, formerly the Department of Human Resources, will be renovated to house the Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning, Developmental Studies and the Center for Student Success – First Year Experience. Construction is expected to finish by August 2018.


South Campus Recreation Facility and Transportation Hub

The university acquired a 500,000 sf manufacturing plant (old Whirlpool plant) on 68 acres on the southwest edge of campus. Portions of the existing building will be repurposed to provide space for fitness activities, departmental offices, classrooms, food service and a hub for Ole Miss Campus Recreation and the Department of Parking and Transportation. Renovations to the exterior will transform the manufacturing plant into an active destination point for student life. This project is ongoing and is anticipated to be complete in October 2018.


South Campus District Indoor Tennis Facility

The Department of Athletics is adding an indoor tennis facility to the east of the track and south of the Manning Center.  The building will contain six competition indoor courts, spectator seating, sports storage, and bathroom facilities.


Vaught-Hemingway Letter Winners’ Walk and Bell Tower

The letter winners’ walk provides recognition space for every athlete that has ever represented Ole Miss.  The plaques will be mounted on brick pillars organized in a radial manner around the final yards of the Walk-of-Champions on the north side of Vaught-Hemingway Stadium.  When the visitor looks north from the Letter Winners’ Walk through the opening in the bell tower towards The Grove, the relationships between these two elements and the STEM Building, Natural Products, the Faulkner Garden, Shoemaker and Faser Halls become apparent, organized along a powerful north-south axis.  The space is even more striking when viewed from The Grove with the stadium providing closure and signifying the culmination of a journey which began on the south plaza of the Student Union.


Faulkner Memorial Garden

This garden is in design and will be a part of the STEM Building construction contract.  The aim of the garden is to remember William Faulkner and his work.  It will serve as a place of reflection but will be adjacent to the busy north/south pedestrian path between The Grove and the Vaught-Hemingway stadium.  The Walk-of-Champions will form its western edge and it is bounded to the west by the STEM Building and the east by Natural Products.